Surrounding us are people full of passion and resourcefulness. Each of them is outstanding in their area. They are connected through passion and are desperate to search for new and better solutions dependent on the vape market.

Its them whom you will meet in our shop, on Messenger or via a phone talk.


He is the man who started it all in SmoothDistribution & SmoothVape. He managed to IT companies, one day decided to leave it and enjoy his passion of making the world better through vape. Travelling far away abroad, friendships established with manufacturers of liquids in the USA and in Kanada, have shown him, that Vape is not only a trend, but also a style of living. He decided to enrich the polish market with american and canadian standards and vaping products. The proper amount of adrenalin during after work is ensured by fast cars, in his free time he likes to play saxophone or to nostalgically listen to old vinyls.


She’s superb at managing all the more or less important company documents. It’s a remnant of her work in financial organizations in the past. Now, she’s uncovering secrets of the Vape market. She loves all types of creation and content marketing. In her free time she deepens her knowledge of graphic techniques. When she’s done starring at the screen , she enjoys spending time with family, reading books and practicing yoga.


The stoic, undesputed king of IT, makes impression of unapproachable, but in the end, he’ll help anyone in need. Despite showing a rough facade, inside he’s a man with a golden heart. Sudoku fanatic, but as he says, what he loves playing the most are other people’s nerves. His work is covered by the mist of mystery, most of the team think that he’s working out a plan to take over the World.


Travelling since the early days and finding himself in different cultures made him person he is today – open-minded and authentic in his emotions. That’s why he likes working with other people and treasures eye2eye contact. As he says, his Vape venture started by coincidence and this coincidence lasts for 6 years and counting. It started being serious 3 years ago. He likes to joke, that his reviews are „paid”. Everybody knows, that there are no compromises in them. Privately, proud father and husband. He relaxes with making coils and fishing.


A vaper from the era of dinosaurs with outburst mr dark, incorrect, uncontrollable but always helpfull. In his veins apart from e juice there is a ton of Metal and good rock from the 80’s a bow to Mety,Van Halen, Steva Vaia. Yjou could see that best when his playin’ on his gituar, and a port to a different land opens. Apart from that you could add Football (glory glory ManUnited), snowboard, dirt mtb, gamer sinc ZX spectrum, travelling, tons of good music and komiks. The Creator of SuicideVapers but now Family taken over the first place.