Our goal is to provide you with the best and widest range of high-quality nicotine-free premixes and vaping accessories manufactured in the USA and Canada.

In our store, you can find premium products from such brands as ALT ZERO, Flavorific, BLVK, Ripe Vapes, SXMini, Desire Design, Atmizoo, DotMOD, Tajfun, Lolli Drip, Pod Salt and GM COILS .

Smooth Distribution is the exclusive importer of these brands in Poland. We are proud that such excellent companies have trusted us.



Our team shares a common passion for life. We have traveled to distant corners of the world, expanded our horizons with new possibilities and dreams. We have been looking for smarter choices, higher standards, testing new technologies and solutions to get the most out of conscious vaporing.

As we would like to share our passion, we have decided to become a distributor of non-toxic fluids and premium vaping accessories that will allow us to obtain the best balance of quality, comfort, and taste.

To our store, we invite all the enthusiasts of vaping, for whom, in addition to the highest quality components, taste, aroma, and pleasure are important.



We import e-liquids from California and Canada, only from the best producers, who have specialized certificates of production quality and components. Their laboratories meet the strictest standards of cleanliness. Each stage of the production takes place in the USA or Canada.

Why American products? Because this market is characterized by a high culture of vaporizing awareness. Numerous tests of liquids, their high quality and aesthetics will surprise and satisfy all the users.

In our store, you can find a wide selection of flavors and aromas and hand-made coils that will meet your highest expectations.


Our products stand out due to:

+ Highest quality

+ Highest cleanliness of components

+ Production in certified laboratories

+ Unique recipes and unique taste



Our team is the life of the company. Everyone who works here can express themselves and what is best in them, affecting the company's image. We share a common passion and vision of the vape market excellence.